Death note mello character analysis

The fictional character chosen for Psychological analysis is Light Yagami from Death Note series, a 12 volumes manga series Japanese comic. Light is the protagonist and anti-hero of the series. He could be called a hero if seen from his perspective, as the author never explicitly states if he is evil or not.

Death Note's 5 Smartest Characters

It is left to the interpretation of the reader. The story starts with a 17 years old, high school going boy, Light Yagami finding a black notebook in the playground of his school. As he is bored of his class and lecture and is looking out of the window, he sees something drop from the sky.

He takes it home to discover that the object is a supernatural notebook that can kill people just by writing their names on the pages. Once the name is written, within 40 seconds the individual will die of heart attack unless the details of the death are specified in the text.

Only necessary information for killing is to know the name and the face of the person, so to not kill people with similar names. With this power in his hands, Light decides to kill all the criminals around the planet using the notebook.

Thus Ryuk becomes an observer and decides to not aid Light in any manner. L succeeds in finding out that Kira as Light is referred to as by the masses can kill anyone by knowing their face and name, and tricks Light into revealing his location in the Kanto region of Japan.

This results in a cat and mouse game, where L wants to catch Kira by uncovering his identity and Light wants to kill L by uncovering his real name and face. Light encounters Misa, a model who has another Death note and a shinigami Rem in her support.

Light gives up his death note to Rem and his memory related to it and allows L to detain him. With no memories, Light aids L in his investigation as a 3 rd Kira appears on the scene. With, both L and Light working together they capture the 3 rd Kira, who was given the death note by Rem.

As Light touches the death note, all of his memories related to Death Note come back. The story picks up 4 years after the death of L. Light is playing the role of both L as well as Kira. Two new players enter the game. This results in another game of mouse and cat, with new members in the team. Mello is killed by a supporter of Light. However he ends up finding links which result in Near capturing Light. Light is shot at by the member of taskforce and as he is injured, is killed by Ryuk who kills him, realizing that Light is no longer able to entertain him.This article is dedicated to one of the most famous anime of recent times: Death Note.

Inspection of the first 25 episodes which literally stick the spectator to the screen. The battle of intelligence is also a fight for principles.

On one side, the God-like figure of Kira on the other, the genial of L in a breathless sequence of twists. Most of the scenes of Death Note are soaked in symbolism, in particular of Christians references. Christianityas well-established belief in the West continent has a spellbound effect on Japanese audience and here explained the choice of holy signs in a very similar way of which happens in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Despite these allusive references, the Death Note world is not conceived as the Bible prescribes: humanity is watched by the Shinigami who do not care for people. On the contrary, they substract life to humans in order to extend theirs. The first assumption which gave birth to the plot is boredom. Ryuk is bored by its own living and also Light feels compelled to find out something to do in order to find a way out from his tedious life.

The Death Note is dropped to the human world; due to the flimsy condition of humanity which is not able to resist the vice, the Death Note is readily taken and used.

Light Yagamithe model of the perfect student becomes obsessed by the power of the Death Note. The corruption of the souls is one of the main tipics of the series and it will be further discussed in the L vs Kira section. He kills Lindl. Taylor who pretends to be L. The special power bestowed to Light pushes him to take dangerous risks. He decides to change the killing schedule after L hypothesizes the culprit may be a student and then he takes direct action by killing the FBI inspector Raye Penber.

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A fact that has a lot of aftereffects and put Kira to the edge : the true will of Light Yagami is not make the world a better place but he only what to force his justice to the world and to reach the goal ha needs to get rid of L.

To reach the results he is ready to expose himself: Raye would not have any proofs of a boy who kills only by writing down names. Do you remember the following move of L? He decides to confront directly with Light at the To-Oh entrance exams. The brilliant detective confesses his true identity immediately. The tennis match is a metaphor for the mind battle between Kira and L; it prefigures the final outcome of thier chess play. From this point, a sequence of events are highlighted in the anime: justice becomes a secondary aspect and the most important becomes the one to one fight involving Light and Ryuzaki.

The distorted view of Kira finds the first supporters. This character is the criticism of appearances: Misa after the death of her parents is psychologically devastated at the point that she lies to herself embracing the principles of Kira. She becomes the dummy of Kira and she receive a false love in exchange.

In particular, the complex of Omnipotence has the resonance to influence and destabilize people. Misa Amane and Teru Mikami feel attracted by the divine connotation of Kira. Here we come with Light Yagami. As you probably know, his name Light it has not been chosen by chance. When he got the Death Note, his intimate willing of enlight the world with his new principles takes over.

His arrogance is the common denominator for his actions which are deeply influenced by two mind states:.Grew Up… second-best. Orphaned at an early age, Mello grew up at Wammy's House, an orphanage that doubled as a recruitment base for genius children. Run by L and his associates, Wammy's goal was to produce prodigies with the hope of one day finding a successor for L, the legendary detective.

While Mello quickly caught L's attention, he was never quite able to be Wammy's top student. That spot was reserved for stoic, robotic Near, with Mello always one step behind.

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Living… undercover. Though offered the chance to work with Near to catch the feared killer Kira, Mello refused, citing the fact that, "Near and I don't get along Profession… international criminal. Mello was 14 when he ran away from Wammy's House, but he's obviously done well for himself. Now 19, he works with mafia leaders in the U. Interests… becoming the new L.

Growing up idolizing L, Mello is now determined to prove himself the detective's true heir. It's a goal he relentlessly chases, allowing himself few luxuries outside of chocolate, which he can constantly be seen eating.

Relationship Status… single. Outside of Matt, his co-conspirator and a fellow Wammy's student, Mello barely has any time for friends, much less romance. Challenge… catching Kira and defeating Near. While competitiveness drives most of his actions, Mello also has a more personal stake in pursuing Kira.

More than a mentor or an idol, L was Mello's hero and, as he puts it, "in the end, there is no greater motivation than revenge. Personality… brash, fiery, and insecure. There's no doubt that Mello's a genius, but years of growing up in Near's shadow have not been good for his psyche.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Mihael "Mello" Keehl.

Psychological analysis of Light Yagami (Death note)

Edit Character Information. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Details Featured Pictures Clubs. Mihael Keehl. Mello decides to find Kira his own way by joining the Mafia. After obtaining one of the Death Notes from the Kira investigation team by kidnapping Sayu Yagami, Light Yagami sets up a raid that leaves Mello badly scarred and his real name in Light's hands.

After learning that Light is Kira and Near was going to attempt to apprehend him, Mello kidnaps Kiyomi Takada, but is soon killed by Takada's hidden pages of the Death Note. This action causes Teru Mikami to expose his own Death Note to kill Takada, an action that Near picks up on and is eventually able to use to thwart Light's plans.

Near reflects this during the final showdown and credits Mello as the single most pivotal person in discovering Light's plans.

Hal Lidner further believes that it was Mello's plan that he would be killed to expose Light's plan, but Near rejects this theory. His date of death is January 26th, Age Just in case one or more appears, we put together a Death Note characters list divided into various "groups" to help you figure out whose side you'd choose.

You've probably watched the anime, seen the films, read the manga and light novels, and listened to the musical. But do you remember the details? Here are 20 Death Note facts you might have forgotten! More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography.

Death Note add Supporting. Death Note: Rewrite add Supporting. When it is decided that Mello should work with the other successor, Near, Mello refuses, citing an inability to work with Near, to whom he is considered second. Similar to L's fondness for sweets, Mello is often seen eating bars of chocolate. How to Read 13 states that Mello has "an excellent mind" and that he "sometimes lets his emotions get in his way.

Tsugumi Ohba, the writer of Death Note, stated that Mello "works hard for everything. Voice Actors.

Sasaki, Nozomu Japanese.Death Note is a psychological horror anime depicting the story of Light Yagami, a Japanese student who obtains a supernatural notebook. This "Death Note" can kill anyone whose name is written within as long as Light has seen their face. Light quickly resolves to use the Death Note to punish criminals, believing their incarcerations too soft a penance, causing several agencies to begin looking for the mysterious killer.

Unlike most anime, Death Note minus the supernatural notebook features a realistic, modern setting, and focuses on mental rather than physical clashes. I highly recommend you watch the series before continuing, as spoilers are ahead. While not quite on the level of the others in this countdown, she came incredibly close to catching Kira early in the series.

Naomi managed to:. Task force member Aizawa passed by Light and Naomi during their fatal interactions; had he paid more attention, perhaps Light could have been caught much earlier. Light Yagami is seemingly a kind, brilliant student dedicated to justice, but secretly acts as the mass murderer Kira, resolving to create a better world by executing criminals with the Death Note.

Light's definitely intelligent; why isn't he higher in the countdown? A few reasons. First, he has a dumb tendency to admit he's Kira to people he believes are about to die, a trait that helped prove his guilt to Near, and would have revealed him had L or Naomi lived. Second, while Light is brilliant, but tends to need time to concoct his plans, unlike the lightning-quick minds of Near, Mello, and L.

Third, Light simply has several advantages the other characters don't. His Death Note's supernatural nature helps disguise its use, and Misa's blind devotion to Light as well as Ryuk's ability to detect followers grant Light boons no one else receives. Still, Light proves to be a challenging, lethal foe throughout the series. Mello real name Mihael Keehl was selected to be one of the successors to the mantle of L.

However, his inability to overcome his rivalry with Near made him follow his own path towards capturing Kira. Dangerous and sharp, Mello is far more emotional and ruthless than Near or L.

Mello receives less of the spotlight than the other super-geniuses in the series, but his contributions and strategies prove he's more than capable of standing with them.

Near real name: Nate Rivers is one of few characters to live through the series. A gifted, quick mind allows him to counter move after move by Light and Mello. His calm demeanor surpasses even L's, allowing him to push aside personal feelings and choose the most logical course of action.

Near's genius deduction skills managed to figure out that not only is Light Yagami acting as L, but that he is also Kira. Near also succeeded in finding Light's acting operative, Teru Mikami, and orchestrated a scheme to capture both.

Without the genius of L full name: L Lawlietthe investigation likely would never have drawn anywhere close to Light. Using subterfuge, deception, and sheer logic, L quickly deduces that Light is Kira, but struggles to convince his team of it. L's mental capacities survived amazingly long against a genius serial killed who had help from a girl who could see L's name just by looking at him.

Without L, Light very well may have operated safely as Kira indefinitely. Death Note's anime and manga run ended years ago, but it continues to see new material in the form of movies, books, and even musical dramas. With an ever-growing fanbase, Death Note fans can expect more morbidly-addictive content from this clever series, which has expanded into a Netflix adaptationmusical, and one-shot sequel. But for now, cast your vote for the most intelligent character, and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

Answer: Definitely the anime. Most people didn't like the Netflix film; I think it had a few redeeming factors, but it still can't compare to the original show. Did you read the official sequel one-shot that came out not too long ago? I definitely recommend it, and it only takes a half hour or so to finish. I'm currently reading the original manga for Japanese practice.I wanna eliminate my competition. I will be the best.

death note mello character analysis

I don't care what it takes. I'll beat Near by any means necessary. When Roger asks that Mello and Near work together to capture KiraMello refuses, pointing out the differences between them. He leaves the orphanage soon after and eventually seeks help from the Mafia.

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Mello is a young man with chin-length golden-blond hair and blue eyes. His bangs hang down just over his eyebrows, and he stands at about average height. He later gains a large scar, which begins somewhere between his shoulder and waist and extends up to just between his nose and left eye, after initiating an explosion in the Mafia hideout in order to escape being captured. Mello is usually seen wearing dark leather clothes.

The manga depicts him wearing a red-colored rosary and a cross-adorned bracelet. In the anime, however, the cross has been edited to be a stick the horizontal portion of the would-be-cross is not present. He wears a unique belt that has buckles in the shape of crosses. He also carries a gun attached to the belt that, in the manga, has a cross attached to a chain that hangs from its handle. While Mello is certainly a genius and more intelligent than most people, the concept of being only the second most intelligent person in Wammy's House, behind Nearfuels the inferiority complex that defines Mello's character.

Mello verges on immorality in his obsession with being the one to take down Kira and is willing to do "whatever it takes," including kidnapping Sayu Yagamithe Japanese Police Director's daughter, and orchestrating the murders of most of the SPK members.

In the manga, after Mello has successfully stolen a Death Note, he even goes so far as to attempt to blackmail the president of the United States into giving him funds and resources to aid his pursuit of Kira and to evade Near, threatening that if his demands are not met he will use the Death Note to force the president to launch the United States' nuclear missiles and start World War III.

Arguably, Mello is not trying to defeat Kira out of a sense of "justice" but because capturing Kira will prove to the world that Mello is indeed the worthy successor to L as the world's greatest detective and not simply a runner-up to Near.

death note mello character analysis

As Mello describes his goal in his own words, "I will become number one! The book also states that Mello has an excellent mind and that he sometimes lets his emotions get in his way.

Tsugumi Ohbathe writer of Death Notehas stated that Mello works hard for everything, unlike Near, whose intellectual gifts are natural. Similar to L's fondness for sweets, Mello is seen eating only bars of chocolate, even when talking.

In the manga, he is seen licking the chocolate before eating it. Mello also has a habit of bending his right leg up while sitting, often with his left leg turned outwards. He tends to alternate between that pose and simply crossing his right leg over his left leg.When Roger decides that Mello should work with Near to capture Kirahe refuses, citing an inability to work with somebody he is considered "second" to.

He leaves the orphanage soon after, stating "I'll find my own way," and eventually seeks help from the Mafia. Mello has sometimes been known to use less conventional methods to achieve his goals, including kidnapping the Director of the Japanese Police's daughter.

Similar to L's fondness for sweets, Mello is often seen eating bars of chocolate. Another thing about him that is very like L is his tendency to take drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his opponents. How to Read 13 states that Mello has an excellent mind and that he sometimes lets his emotions get in his way.

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The book cites his hatred of Nearwhich created a flaw in his personality. His birthday is December 13, in the anime and he dies on January 27, in the anime. He is centimeters tall 5' 6"weighs 42 kilograms pounds and his blood type is A. He can usually be seen wearing leather clothes and a rosary. While Mello is certainly a genius and more intelligent than most people, the concept of being only the second most intelligent person in Wammy's, behind Near, fuels the inferiority complex that defines Mello's character.

Mello verges on being immoral in his obsession with being the one to take down Kira and is willing to do "whatever it takes," tactics which include kidnapping and approach being an accessory to murder. In the manga, after Mello has successfully stolen a Death Note, he even goes so far as to attempt to blackmail the President of the United States via telephone into giving him funds and resources to aid his hunt for Kira, threatening that if his demands are not met he will use the Death Note to force the president to launch the United States' nuclear missiles and start World War III.

Arguably, Mello isn't even trying to defeat Kira out of a sense of "justice", but because capturing Kira will prove to the world that Mello is indeed the worthy successor to L as the world's greatest detective, and not simply runner-up to Near, or as Mello describes his goal in his own words, "I will be the new Number One!

death note mello character analysis

Obata points out that Mello's envy and hatred of Near was only one-way, and that Near honestly loved Mello. The book states that Mello isn't purely evil, citing his apology and genuine care for Matt 's well-being, as well as earlier in the series when he apologizes to Soichiro Yagami. Tsugumi Ohba, the writer of Death Note, stated that Mello works hard for everything.

Ohba added that Mello's name doesn't really stand for anything, as opposed to Near's name standing for Na te Riv eretc. Mello decides to find Kira his own way by joining the Mafiawhich accepts him as its major advisor because it has the shared goal of taking down Kira. Mello proves his ability to it by tracking down a rival mob boss of whom even Kira could not discover the identity.

Mello is then successfully able to retrieve the Death Note by fooling the police into thinking it was being transported away from the exchange via helicopter, until revealing that it had actually been loaded onto a missile, which was too fast to be tracked once launched. Having successfully outwitted Kira, Mello's men retrieved the Death Note, and he began planning how to use it.

However, Light Yagami discovered the location of Mello's Mafia hideout by having Misa use her Shinigami eyes to discover the identity of one of Mello's Mafia accomplices, and then using the remaining Death Note to make him mail Light their location.

The indirect result of this is that the Shinigami Sidoh, who was the original owner of the Death Note Mello now possessed, also found out Mello's location and was able to get there first. Sidoh briefly struck up a loose alliance of sorts with Mello, revealing to him in exchange for some of Mello's chocolate that the two extra rules that Light made Ryuk write in the Death Note to fool L -- particularly the one saying that "if the user does not kill once every 13 days, they will die" -- were fakes.

Mello begins to theorize that whoever Kira was, he probably used that rule to fool the Japanese police into thinking he was innocent. However, Light then launches a SWAT team raid on the hideout, leaving Mello in a face to face confrontation with Light's father, in which Mello revealed that he had the entire building rigged with remote-controlled explosives, leading to a tense showdown.

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In order to escape, Mello was forced to detonate all of the bombs, after one of his Mafia accomplices fatally wounded Light's father. Mello managed to survive the explosion and evade the police, but Mello was left badly scarred along the entire left side of his face above his mouth the gas mask he was wearing at the time protected the rest.